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EC Connects is a full-service growth marketing agency. We focus on you; we work with you to define your company identity BRAND; create CONTENT, develop a strong results driven online presence and campaign strategy; execute thoughtful social engagement EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING.  We connect your brand. 

Brand Building
Tell your Story… Who are you?

Your brand is your company’s voice,  We work with you to identify your brands’ identity and who is your target audience. After we have answered those questions, we begin the creative process and develop a marketing strategy.  This includes a strong online presence; advertising, organizational identity, collateral pieces, website design, and much more.

EC Connects Contact
EC Connects Contact

Creative Content..

EC Connects has the tools and methods to create compelling content allowing you to engage with your audience. We identify the platforms that are best suited for your brand and marketing objectives. We implement marketing campaigns that are results driven, analyze the data and make sure you are getting qualified leads.  Want to know more?  

Experiential Marketing Social Engagement..

We create community and brand interaction through experiential marketing and social engagement.  Whether it’s a product launch or a ground breaking ceremony; creation of a sales kit or a team building activity; EC Connects, creates, connects and cultivates. Let’s Connect.


Who we are...

EC Connects a full-service growth agency; think of us as your strategic partner. We build long-term relationships to enhance your brand, while promoting growth through marketing.   Our team has over 15 years of experience delivering web design, graphic design, advertising, social media, content creation and marketing services.   Our strategy is to create seamless multi-sensory experiences, allowing your audience to touch, taste, feel, see, and maybe, even smell your brand;  experiential marketing is the human connection.


Our solutions encompass branding, marketing and creating experiences.   Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call. We’re results driven..

Let's Connect

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