How Can we Connect you?

How can we connect you?

What we do

EC Connects is a full-service growth marketing agency. We focus on you; we work with you to define your company’s identity, BRANDING; our team works with you to INTEGRATE TECHNOLOGY in your company to maximize productivity, we develop a results driven MARKETING strategy , starting with a captivating website, targeted social media and ad campaign strategy; we execute thoughtful events and social engagements to increase brand awareness, PRODUCTION.  How can we connect you?


Corporate Identity
Website Design
Website Hosting
Marketing Strategy

Integrated technology

Automation & Control Systems
Intelligent Personal Assistant
System Integration Residential & Commercial
Audio/Lighting/Shade/Security Control Systems


Content Creation
Social Media Management
Video Creation/B Roll
Sales/ Media Kits


Event Management
Audio/Video Production
Logistics Coordination
Location/ Venue Selection
Product Launch
Grand Opening

Who we are

EC Connects a full-service growth agency; think of us as your strategic partner. We build long-term relationships to enhance your brand, while promoting growth through marketing.   Our team has over 15 years of experience delivering web design, mobile optimization, graphic design, advertising, social media, content creation and marketing services.   Our strategy is to create seamless multi-sensory experiences, allowing your audience to touch, taste, feel, see, and maybe, even smell your brand;  contact us for more information….

Increase your brand awareness

You are where story meets experience...your business started with a leap of faith and careful planning. We want to tell your story. Sometimes that means new technology and creative events. Other times, it’s a branded content series. What story do you want to tell?

Let's Connect..